Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary: Garden of Memories

Albert Wein sculpture at Hillside MemorialKnown throughout history as the People of the Book, Jews attach great mystical significance to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Towering above a fountain in the Court of Faith in the Garden of Memories is an Albert Wein sculpture that gives kinetic perspective to a tower of Hebrew letters. Completed in 1968, the five welded bronze letters spell the Hebrew word emunah, or faith in English.

Others of Wein’s bronze sculptures can be seen above the Goetz sarcophagus and the Cummins sarcophagus in the Garden of Memories. Also of note are the bronze door handles on the Administration Building in the form of the Hebrew letter shin, which represents the name of God.


Find out more here: http://hillsidememorial.org/about-hillside/art-architecture/garden-of-memories/

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