‘Great Art Needs Search of Soul’ – Albert Wein

excerpt from The Desert Sun, Palm Springs, CA  November 6, 1968

by Helen Wilson

Michelangelo, the great sculptor, standing before a gleaming block of white marble was known to say, “Within you lies ugliness and beauty; what comes out depends on me.”

And so it has been down through the ages with cultural arts The molded or chiseled beauty created by a sculptor’s hands; nature’s wonders which come alive under the artist’s brush; or the words of beauty and wisdom that flow from an author’s pen.

Wasn’t it Matthew Arnold who said that culture is a searching for sweetness and light and the passion for making both prevail?

Albert Wein is this type of artist.  In a modern world, where specialization is the keyword, Wein transcends such skepticisms as “single skills” in man.  He combines a successful creativeness in boht painting and sculpturing.  Few painters have become masters at sculpture and still fewer sculptors have become painters of note.

Albert Wein- Desert Sun Article

Albert Wein- Desert Sun Article

Albert Wein- Desert Sun Article

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